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Do you have a Personal Injury Claim, an Auto Accident Claim, Dog Bite Claim, or perhaps a Medical Malpractice Claim?  If so, you need to know about “subrogation” and how it will affect you.

Subrogation is defined as, “[t]The substitution of one person in the place of another with reference to a lawful claim, demand, or right, so that he or she who is substituted succeeds to the rights of the other in relation to the debt or claim, and its rights, remedies.” See

Simply put, if you have an insurance company, Medicare, or Medicaid pay for your medical care, when you get a settlement they will expect you to pay back the moneys they paid.  This means that your settlement must take that cost into consideration or you may get little to nothing in the end.  You want an experienced law firm behind you in pursuing your recovery so you understand exactly what you may be agreeing to.

In one of our cases, an elderly gentleman, we can call him “Charlie”, was actually run over by a teenage girl while walking his little Scottie dog.  He survived, but had experienced over $200,000 in medical care.  Unfortunately, the girl only had $100,000 in insurance coverage.  Charlie had another $100,000 in uninsured motorist insurance.  His medical insurance carrier demanded all $200,000.  In this case the employer provided self insured ERISA qualified insurance.

Because of a defect in the insurance contact our office was able to prevent them from taking the recovery and Charlie was able to get approximately $133,000 in his pocket to help restart his life.

At the Law Office of Mark McClure, we take the time to listen to you and find out what is going on in your life while treating you with dignity and respect.  In these hard times the last thing you need is to feel judged.  You simply need help. We understand.  Insurance is there to protect you.  They protect your things, your home, your car, and your pay checks.

Call our office and get some information.  After all, your insurance company has attorneys to protect them; shouldn’t you?  Call and ask for Mark McClure at 253-631-6484.  We are here and ready to listen and help.